Is 1280x768 supported in linux

Karthik Ramamoorthy karthik.reddiyar at
Thu Aug 4 20:48:33 PDT 2005

>>      I have installed Fedora Core 3 in my system. i want to have
?> 1280x768 resolution with Samsung 17 inch Monitor. But i am not able >>to
>> get that resolution. i have configured the card and Monitor properly.
>> Also when i go to "Display" option to configure resolution there is no
>> 1280x768 option only there is 1280x1024 ...1280x960 ... 1152x864 >>.....
>> etc.

>It would help to know what chipset you have .. some chipsets may not
>support the resolution..

               My graphics card is Matrox G450. In that when i am
wrting only 1280x1024 in /etc/X11/xorg.conf the Modes Option for
Resolution i am only getting 800x600 resolution when the Xserver is
started. Then i use xrandr command to change to 1280x1024, also there
is no support in xrandr to 1280x768 , it was showing support for
1280x960,1152x864, 800x600 ....

             Does Matrox or Nvidia or other than intel card support
1280x768 resolution and how to get that resolution when the Xserver is
started( because in my case even if i write only 1280x768 Xserver is
starting with 800x600 resolution and when i try xrandr then only uptil
1158x864,1024x768,800x600.......  only these resolution it is


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