[PATCH] EXA support for i830

Thomas Winischhofer thomas at winischhofer.net
Mon Aug 8 10:29:13 PDT 2005

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Jesse Barnes wrote:
> Well, partial EXA support anyway.  This version works for me, but has 
> some issues:
>   o under KDE there's a small rectangle in the upper left that won't go
>     away, I haven't isolated which change causes it yet
>   o bottom to top blits don't work for some reason, even though I'm
>     using the same command that xaa used, so they're done by the EXA
>     core (slowly)
>   o UploadToScreen and DownloadToScreen aren't implemented yet
>   o *Composite aren't implemented yet
>   o my offscreenBase calculation isn't precise, I'm missing out on an
>     adjustment made by the I830 PreInit somewhere, but it doesn't result
>     in overlap on my machine anyway (though if you have a different
>     amount of memory than me, you may see corruption)
> Anyway, those things aside, it works fine for me.  I was hoping to get 
> some eyes on it since my knowledge of driver internals and the i8xx in 
> particular is pretty superficial at this point.

Haven't looked at it closely, but a word of warning on memory allocation
(for xv, especially): The old "linear"s were pixel-based (pixel = bytes
* bpp) while the new "area" is byte-based.


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