building and running the Xegl server

Jon Smirl jonsmirl at
Mon Aug 8 13:35:25 PDT 2005

I am putting together some documentation for building and running the
Xegl server. There are three main pages:

Xegl is not ready for prime time yet. There are still big problems in
it's mouse and keyboard drivers that I am going to work on in the next
couple of days.

It only runs on r200, more will come later. I did try running metacity
and all of the apps I could think of.

The build process is very complex. It would be valuable if you take
notes when first building it and help edit the wiki to make the
process more understandable.

I've added some notes on running it in a two video card environment,
it would be nice if someone who uses a two machine environment could
add some comments on how to set that up.

There is still a lot of work to do on Xegl. So if you see something
that interests you feel free to help out.

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at

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