DRM_CAS bug with x86_64

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 8 15:54:50 PDT 2005

Ian Romanick wrote:
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> Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
>>GAS choked on the DRM_CAS invocation in ffb_lock.h because
>>__ret was declared as "int" and so it gets passed in %edx
>>instead of %dl or %dh as required by the setnz instruction.
>>I just wrapped the declaration with DRM_CAS_RESULT() as done
> This seems to have never hit us because on x86 the FFB driver no-ops its
> LOCK_HARDWARE and UNLOCK_HARDWARE macros.  Can somebody please explain
> why that is?  My *guess* is that FFB hardware can only actually exist on

I was wondering why ffb was even being built on x86_64.   If it's referring
to the board from Sun (which marketing called a "Creator" or "Creator 3D"),
it was only ever made for the UPA bus (UltraSPARC Port Architecture), not
PCI or any other common bus, and I've never seen a UPA bus outside of a
SPARC machine.

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