DRM_CAS bug with x86_64

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at develer.com
Wed Aug 10 15:05:19 PDT 2005

Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> I was wondering why ffb was even being built on x86_64.   If it's referring
> to the board from Sun (which marketing called a "Creator" or "Creator 3D"),
> it was only ever made for the UPA bus (UltraSPARC Port Architecture), not
> PCI or any other common bus, and I've never seen a UPA bus outside of a
> SPARC machine.

It's enabled in Mesa/configs/linux-dri, and I pasted the list over
into my host.def to customize the list of drivers.  I've left ffb
there by mistake.

ffb is also included on x86 and ia64 in DevelDriDrivers.  Those drivers
are only built when BuildDevelDRIDrivers is set.

Today I must have been reading imake's configuration files for
too long... Need some rest :-)

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