Cross compiling for Xming.exe since Mesa merge

Colin Harrison colin.harrison at
Thu Aug 11 08:29:53 PDT 2005


> That's not a good fix.  Near the top of that header is some messy 
> #ifdef code to determine which header file (if any) to include to get 
> int64_t.  Please see if you can fix the problem there without just 
> unconditionally including inttypes.h.

Your right it's a mess...I just hacked it as a quick and dirty work around,
not a proper fix.

I don't have a good understanding of why the flags were in 1.3 and dropped?

#if defined(__STDC_VERSION__)   
#if __STDC_VERSION__ >= 199901L   
/* Include ISO C99 integer types for OML_sync_control; need a better test */

#include <inttypes.h>


I'll see if I can find anything on bugzilla.

Colin Harrison


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