contributing new font package for xorg (fwd)

Qianqian Fang fangq at
Thu Aug 11 12:55:02 PDT 2005

sure, we can definitely do that, i mean set up the flag from being embedded 
(although I don't know how to do that with BDF/PCF format), if the font 
embedding issue really mess things up. This bitmap font is not designed for 
printing or embedding, but for most basic screen rendering. 

On Thursday 11 August 2005 15:34, Jon Smirl wrote:
> PS/PDF will embed the comment fields from from the fonts, right? I
> believe that is the way font copyright info is conveyed. Could we
> satisfy the GPL by including it in the comments and providing a
> comment with a URL back to Xorg where the source can be downloaded?
> Another possibility would be to set the DRM bit in the GPL fonts to
> stop them from being embedded.
> The problem is that these fonts have thousands of hours of work in
> them and no simple way to undo the GPL license.

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