xorg cvs server segfaults with indirect rendering

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at hispeed.ch
Fri Aug 12 06:56:52 PDT 2005

Jerome Glisse wrote:
>> indirect rendering (by disabling dri in xorg.conf) segfaults X here
>>  sometimes (with a radeon 7200, if it matters). Running glxgears
>> works fine, but moving the glxgears window around kills X
>> consistently within 1-3 seconds. I think this happens since the
>> Mesa 6.3 import (not completely sure though).
> Bug fix from mesa haven't been included yet in xorg (at least i
> think). Does using the mesa cvs correct this ? It should.
I'm not sure how you'd do that, define a different MesaSrcDir in
host.def? In any case, I've just tried that, didn't compile (or rather, 
didn't link).
And, I'm not sure there are any changes in that area in mesa, this looks 
different than the dispatch trouble to me.

> Or wait next mesa import in xorg...
A good idea - I just think the problem might remain.


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