Xorg and Fonts

Ely Levy elylevy-xserver at cs.huji.ac.il
Mon Aug 15 03:23:10 PDT 2005

After talking to few people I suggest the following
Since there are a lot of opensource fonts with various licenses
I think we should make a central font repository that might be used later
on to create an xorg font package. I also think that while doing that
we should make the different font project aware of the different licenses
they chose and the problem that it might cause.

I think we should create a place in CVS for fonts and encourage
maintained fonts to move to it. I also think we should mirror
fonts which seem to be unmaintained and are potencially usefull.

IMOH fonts should be ordered by licesnce/project/fontname to help
people chose if they dont' want to use certian licenses like GPL or LGPL.

After that is done we can see whether or not we should package them
together with xorg.

How does it sound?

Ely Levy
System group
Computer Science
Hebrew University
Jerusalem Israel

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