Move XkbStdBell to libX11?

Adam Jackson ajax at
Tue Aug 16 11:34:31 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 12:36, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> XKB provides a mechanism for specifying a "type" of bell when
> sounding the bell, so desktops could play different sound bytes
> for different events, or accessibility helpers could provide
> different alternate feedback mechanisms.
> A number of the programs in the tree use a helper function to
> do this - XkbStdBell, currently found in lib/xkbfile/xkbbells.c.
> I believe this is the only thing from libxkbfile any of these
> programs use and it appears including it in libxkbfile was just
> a convenient way to share code when the XKB support was integrated
> with libxkbfile as a private, static-only library, that nothing
> outside the X tree was ever supposed to use.
> Now that we're moving to the modular tree, it seems silly to
> introduce dependencies on the libxkbfile module and shared library
> into all these programs for a single function which doesn't even
> fit with the purpose of libxkbfile (reading the XKB data files).
> Does anyone see a reason that XKBBells.h & xkbbells.c should not
> be moved to libX11 for 6.9 & 7.0?   (They are just wrappers around
> functions in libX11, so everything that calls them already has to
> be linked with libX11.)

The only (small) objection I have is, some platforms resolve symbols not 
through a global list, but by binding the symbol name to the providing 
library at link time.  OS X acts this way when using the poorly named 
-twolevel_namespace linker option, which is the default in 10.1 and later.  
There may be others.  So I'd like to check that this move doesn't break 
OSXish platforms, but in principle it sounds fine.

- ajax
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