Xorg and Fonts

Ely Levy elylevy-xserver at cs.huji.ac.il
Thu Aug 18 06:27:36 PDT 2005

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> Ely Levy wrote:
> > I think we should create a place in CVS for fonts and encourage
> > maintained fonts to move to it. I also think we should mirror
> > fonts which seem to be unmaintained and are potencially usefull.
> >
> > IMOH fonts should be ordered by licesnce/project/fontname to help
> > people chose if they dont' want to use certian licenses like GPL or LGPL.
> Sounds a lot like what /cvs/xorg/fonts on freedesktop.org will be once
> we're done with the modularization project.

Maybe in license we should just do normal and viral,
I saw many licenses from LGPL to AFL to unnammed ones:)
we can put ones that agree on not affecting the document in the normal
directory and the ones which does (like GPL or LGPL according to what the
legal advice for xorg is) under too-free directory;)

> I don't think anyone's volunteered to be the font module maintainer yet
> though.

At least in the meanwhile I'm motivated to do the job:)
if I get the proper how to move a project to xorg CVS I would be more than
happy to start spreading the word and to get thing into the cvs.
The question is on what level we want to package them and do we want
different package per license.
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