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Philip Prindeville wrote:
> Patrick McFarland wrote:
>> On Friday 12 August 2005 04:40 am, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
>>> Erm, does the common code in the meantime take care of this? Did I miss
>>> something? So far, I know only of the SiS and radeon drivers to convert
>>> ddc timings to modelines internally...
>> Is it me, or does this sound like something that should be made a
>> generic driver feature? (WWAAAARGH! I'm not volunteering!!!)

I couldn't agree more. At least drivers for graphics cards capable of
TV-output should know the required timing without a modeline.

Going even beyond that, (in a "note to self"-wise way) perhaps I should
think about making my (so far SiS driver private) plasma/projector
mini-database public; it recognizes certain plasma displays/projectors
by DDC vendor/model ID and adds the supported timings to the list of
supported display modes, even if these timings are not contained in the
DDC information. Hm....

> BTW:  Does anyone have access to standard timing modes for
> the various TV standard modes (i.e. 1280x720p, etc) for HD,
> ATSC, PAL/SECAM, NSTC-M and -J, etc.

NTSC-M and NTSC-J are identical as regards the timing. The only
difference is that the black level is equal to the blanking level, as
opposed by NTSC-M (USA and others) where the the black level is slightly
higher than the blanking level. PAL-M (used in Brazil) is timing-wise
identical to NTSC, too. The difference is that PAL-M uses PAL color
encoding instead of the crappy NTSC ("*n*ever *t*he *s*ame *c*olor")

PAL and NTSC modelines are easily found on google.

The standard 1280x720 modeline for 60Hz is
	74.3 1280 1390 1440 1650 720 725 730 750
although it contains horizontal timing values that aren't a multiple of
8. Despite this, it works perfectly on all 1280x720-capable devices
(projectory, plasmas) I ever tested it with (even on hardware that only
uses multiples of 8 for hde, hss, hse, ht).

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