[Mesa3d-dev] sizeof(RADEONDRIRec) does not match passed size from device driver

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at develer.com
Mon Aug 22 19:47:10 PDT 2005

Dave Airlie wrote:
>>I still can't get OpenGL acceleration to work with today's
>>snapshots of xc, Mesa and drm on x86_64 with r200.
>>The expected size of struct RADEONDRIRec is 100 bytes,
>>but the client gets a size of 120 bytes from the server.
> Probably because X is still building against the old DRM header files..
> We need to import a newer drm into the monolith .. try changing the
> drm_handle_t in extras/drm/shared-core/drm.h to unsigned int and see if it
> all works..

I've set DRMSrcDir in my host.def to point to the CVS
drm tree:

  #define DRMSrcDir  /usr/local/src/fdo/drm

And I've deleted extras/drm/shared-core/drm.h just in case.
I made sure xc is getting drm.h from the CVS drm tree by
adding a "#warning" line there.

By the way, this bit of lib/GL/Mesa/shader/slang/Makefile looks wrong:

        $(RM) $@ unshared/$@
                $(CC) -c $(CCOPTIONS) $(THREADS_CFLAGS) $(ALLDEFINES)   $(CDEBUGFLAGS) $(CLIBDEBUGFLAGS) $(_NOOP_) $*.c -o unshared/$@
        $(RM) $@
                $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(_NOOP_) $(SHLIBDEF) $(SHAREDCODEDEF) $(PICFLAGS) $*.c

I dunno how Imake ends up generating it, but it wont't work
because make invokes gcc with

  -o unshared/../../../../../lib/GL/mesa/shader/slang/slang_assemble_assignment.o"

instead of

  -o ../../../../../lib/GL/mesa/shader/slang/unshared/slang_assemble_assignment.o"

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