Mesa 6.3.1 merge

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Thu Aug 25 03:45:54 PDT 2005

Brian Paul wrote:
>>>> src/glu/mesa/
>>>> src/glut/
>>>> src/glw/boilerplate.c
>>>> src/mesa/drivers/allegro/
>>>> src/mesa/drivers/directfb/
>>>> src/mesa/drivers/ggi/
>>>> src/mesa/drivers/svga/
>>>> src/mesa/drivers/windows/
>>> That's a significant change in policy, since GLU and glut have been 
>>> part of the install set for X since Mesa was first imported into 
>>> XFree86 (iirc).
>> AFAIK the GLU shipped with X was always from the SGI SI,
> Right.  I want to omit the old Mesa GLU 1.1 code, not the GLU 1.3 code 
> from SGI.
>> and I don't remember GLUT ever shipping with X.
> Right.  The distros have been avoiding using Mark Kilgard's GLUT because 
> of its lack of a real license.  And the dos, ggi and mini subdirectories 
> in there have GPL code.

Due to legal concerns about Mark Kilgard's GLUT, legal counsel had us
remove GLUT from our OS, which we later replaced with freeglut once
freeglut became stable and useable.

Does the Mesa source still contain Mark's GLUT source?  If so, is there
any chance of having it removed from the Mesa tarball and put in a
separate tarball to avoid having code with legal issues in the Mesa

We'll be using the stock Mesa official tarballs in Fedora Core 5
and later OS releases that ship X11R7, but we'll have to remove
the GLUT source manually and ship modified Mesa tarballs in our
upcoming OS releases if GLUT is present.  I'd like to avoid that
if it's at all possible.

Perhaps Mesa could replace GLUT with freeglut, or even just a
pointer to freeglut?

Any feedback appreciated, thanks in advance.

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