Updated 6.9/7.0 schedule and release plan

Kevin E Martin kem at freedesktop.org
Thu Aug 25 14:15:43 PDT 2005

The original 6.9/7.0 schedule had 19 Aug 2005 for when the first full
release candidate (RC1) would be ready; however, we are still fixing
issues and adding support for more platforms.  We hope that we are only
a few more weeks away from RC1, but that depends on how much help we
have working through the remaining tasks.  So far, we have received
feedback from several very helpful testers and builders, and we want to
thank them for their efforts, but we need more help from everyone if we
are to make it to RC1.

In preparation for future release candidates and eventually the official
release, we have put together a release plan page, which has the current
schedule, here:


For past checkpoints in the schedule, we list the date when the work was
completed, but for future checkpoints, no fixed dates are given -- only
general time frames (e.g., XX Aug 2005).  When work is complete for the
next checkpoint (RC1), we will tag the tree and create a new release
candidate for everyone to test.

Note that RC1 is intended to be a full release candidate, which means it
is something that we would consider putting into production.  After RC1,
we will only be working on bug fixes for both the monolithic and modular
trees.  In order to reach that point, we need to complete the following:

 - Modularization work complete
 - EXA drivers to be supported in initial release complete
 - Fix as many bugs as possible
 - Supported platforms building and running
 - Test infrastructure in place
 - Tinderboxes running on supported platforms

We will update this list and break it down in detail on the release plan
page as needed.

In order to determine which platforms will be supported in the initial
modular release, we would like to hear from everyone who is in the
process of adding support for their platform and/or plans to have their
platform building and running before RC1 is created (i.e., in the next
few weeks).  Currently, we know of:

 - Linux (x86, amd64, ia64, ppc, sparc)
 - Solaris (x86, amd64, sparc)

Please add your name and OS/arch to the list above if you will have your
platform supported in RC1.

Note that for the monolithic release, we plan to support the same set of
platforms supported in the X11R6.8 release.

Alan Coopersmith
Adam Jackson
Kevin E. Martin

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