Updated 6.9/7.0 schedule and release plan

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- From that wiki page:
> - Non-rectangular mergedfb desktops

Perhaps it should be mentioned that this is supported for sis and radeon
only. AFAIK, no one ported the mga driver to support this.

> - Support for XGI chipsets in sis(4)

To be exact, *some* XGI chipsets, namely those based on SiS designs
(V3XT, V5, V8, Z7).

Mr. SiS aka Thomas

Kevin E Martin wrote:
> The original 6.9/7.0 schedule had 19 Aug 2005 for when the first full
> release candidate (RC1) would be ready; however, we are still fixing
> issues and adding support for more platforms.  We hope that we are only
> a few more weeks away from RC1, but that depends on how much help we
> have working through the remaining tasks.  So far, we have received
> feedback from several very helpful testers and builders, and we want to
> thank them for their efforts, but we need more help from everyone if we
> are to make it to RC1.
> In preparation for future release candidates and eventually the official
> release, we have put together a release plan page, which has the current
> schedule, here:
>     http://wiki.x.org/wiki/X11R6970ReleasePlan
> For past checkpoints in the schedule, we list the date when the work was
> completed, but for future checkpoints, no fixed dates are given -- only
> general time frames (e.g., XX Aug 2005).  When work is complete for the
> next checkpoint (RC1), we will tag the tree and create a new release
> candidate for everyone to test.
> Note that RC1 is intended to be a full release candidate, which means it
> is something that we would consider putting into production.  After RC1,
> we will only be working on bug fixes for both the monolithic and modular
> trees.  In order to reach that point, we need to complete the following:
>  - Modularization work complete
>  - EXA drivers to be supported in initial release complete
>  - Fix as many bugs as possible
>  - Supported platforms building and running
>  - Test infrastructure in place
>  - Tinderboxes running on supported platforms
> We will update this list and break it down in detail on the release plan
> page as needed.
> In order to determine which platforms will be supported in the initial
> modular release, we would like to hear from everyone who is in the
> process of adding support for their platform and/or plans to have their
> platform building and running before RC1 is created (i.e., in the next
> few weeks).  Currently, we know of:
>  - Linux (x86, amd64, ia64, ppc, sparc)
>  - Solaris (x86, amd64, sparc)
> Please add your name and OS/arch to the list above if you will have your
> platform supported in RC1.
> Note that for the monolithic release, we plan to support the same set of
> platforms supported in the X11R6.8 release.
> Alan Coopersmith
> Adam Jackson
> Kevin E. Martin
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