Ripe for adding new modelines?

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at
Sun Aug 28 11:15:41 PDT 2005

Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> Adam Jackson wrote:
>> There is, in fact, a spec for LCD modelines.  It's called CVT, and at 
>> least nvidia's driver implements it directly.  However VESA are big 
>> meanies and make you pay to see the formula.
> If it's not astronomical, we could talk to the X.Org Foundation 
> sponsors about
> paying to get access for a developer or two willing to work on it.
> (For that matter, I think Sun is a full VESA member, if there's 
> something we can
>  lookup - I'd have to check with the right people to see what we can 
> do with the
>  docs we get from VESA though, since I've never looked at that before.)

Any luck with that?


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