Mesa 6.3.1 merge

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Sun Aug 28 23:05:57 PDT 2005

Brian Paul wrote:
>> Freeglut is pretty broken.  I'd prefer not to lose glut from the 
>> standard mesa builds.
> Like Keith said, freeglut isn't quite up to the level that the original 
> GLUT is, so I'm not going to dump it just yet.

That's fair enough.  We've been shipping freeglut for several OS
releases now, and I think I've only gotten 1 or two bug reports.
That isn't indicative of its reliabiltiy/stability though.  People
could be filing reports upstream instead of in our bugzilla (which
is much preferred anyway), or they could just silently be downloading
GLUT and replacing our supplied freeglut with it perhaps. ;)

> Currently the GLUT sources are in the MesaDemos tarball.  I guess I 
> could make a 3rd tarball with just the GLUT bits.

That would be great, as we could then ship the stock upstream
Mesa tarballs in FC5 without having to modify locally.  We
strongly prefer to use unmodified upstream tarballs whenever
possible, so that'd be a big plus.

> Mike, Is the normal Mesa release included in Fedora Core?  The only 
> Mesa-related RPMs I see in FC4 are:

> xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL-6.8.2-31.i386.rpm
> xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU-6.8.2-31.i386.rpm
> The first just has and the second has

We have shipped the Mesa included with XFree86 and Xorg since
XFree86 4.2.0 through 4.3.0, and all X.Org releases, as it was
easier to maintain this way.  Prior to that we had to extract
XFree86 code from the main XFree86 tarball to build the
external Mesa source, and there were build loops between our
XFree86 and Mesa rpms.  It caused a lot of development maintenance
overhead, so we started using the Mesa included with X for

With the modular tree however, we've been looking forward to
shipping the standalone Mesa once again in FC5, as the build
process seems to have improved dramatically in the latest
releases which basically eliminates the build-loop problem
we had before.

I haven't started rpm packaging of Mesa yet, but I was planning
on shipping Mesa in Fedora Core, and Mesa-demos perhaps in
Fedora Extras.  Me or Kristian will probably do that sometime
this week.

GLUT and it's legal issues are the only problem that I see so far
for us, but it looks like that's workable if you can split it out
into a separate tarball.  Alternatively we could cut it out, but
things are much easier, and more authentic (users seem to care
a lot about this) if we can use the upstream tarballs unmodified.

Thanks Brian,

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