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Mon Aug 29 19:10:26 PDT 2005

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys.
 I've got a couple books on X-Windows and XFree86. I will begin working 
through them. When I'm getting comfortable with the way X operates, I'll see 
if I can't get time to tackle some of those bugs. Seems like that is a task 
that always needs tending, and it will give me a chance to learn the code 
before I move onto something bigger.
 Thanks Again,
 Scott Huey

 On 8/29/05, Adam Jackson <ajax at> wrote: 
> On Monday 29 August 2005 20:06, Dave Airlie wrote:
> > > I did read a little about the modilarisation on the web page. I'll 
> take
> > > another look and set if I can get started, or at least ask some more
> > > specific questions.
> > >
> > > I won't need a lot of mentoring, just a patient person to answer my
> > > questions as I learn the code. :]
> >
> > Also joining the xorg and xorg-devel IRC channels on freenode can also
> > be useful, I'd suggest lurking and listening, and please don't ask
> > ajax any questions he has enough people doing that..
> I only bite when asked nicely.
> My primary wish for the modular build right now is to get coverage of 
> multiple
> cards and on multiple platforms and operating systems. My mind's been off
> development a bit recently, but there are several bugs on the blocker list
> for the next release (#1690) that could use someone's attention to code up 
> a
> fix.
> If you're more interested in development than in release testing, I'm 
> happy to
> answer interesting questions, but not always immediately.
> I highly recommend reading the docs on the porting layer (ddx.PS.gz) and 
> on
> the XFree86 DDX (hw/xfree86/doc/DESIGN) if you're going to be doing any
> serious work within the server.
> - ajax
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