Xgl/Xegl future?

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Tue Aug 30 07:28:13 PDT 2005

> > I was talking about that there is no common interface for YUV to RGB
> > conversion using the graphics hardware.  Thus we should do this with
> > pixel shader, which *is* a common interface that is capable of doing
> > this. We can have other implementations if the hardware doesn't support
> > pixel shader, but this will be our first try.
> But don't you really want to be able to use 422 source images?  Pixel
> shaders won't help there.

Why not? It's not that difficult. I've only implemented 420
noninterleaved (aka YUV) due to lack of time, but I'll do 422 interleaved
(aka YUY2) as soon as my code is integrated in Xgl again.

You'll have to do the interpolation yourselve, but that's nothing to
worry about.


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