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Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Wed Aug 31 07:37:18 PDT 2005

> I can't see any scenario where Linux can put together a full GPU based
> desktop before MS/Apple. We aren't even going to be close, we are at
> least a year behind. Even if we fix the server all of the desktop
> components need time to adjust too.

Well, at Least MS-Vista also won't give you access to shaders and
stuff like that for 2d applications. Its just GDI+ and some other 2d
goodies that are accerlated behind the secenes + a composition
manager. In fact you get more or less what X has with the
Composite-Extension and Cairo+RENDER.
And OSX added hw-accerlation recently (also non-gpu, no access through
high-level apis), before they rendered software exclusivly and just
used OpenGL for Compostion.

What I think is a bit problematic is to get good RENDER support from
card-manufacturer's that are not willed to open their hw to developers
(like nvidia, ati). OpenGL support should be always available even for
low-end cards today.
Furthermore why is Xglx uninterresting - I think this is THE shor-term
solution?! To create a new X-Server is nonsence if you just have 2y or
so - but why not start a normal X-Server and the first thing you do is
open Xglx and redirect all desktop-stuff to it? The whole
input-subsystem and everything else is already there!

lg Clemens

lg Clemens

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