[PATCH] EXA for i128(4)

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Wed Aug 31 10:26:52 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 15:45, Adam Jackson wrote:
> Just Solid and Copy atm, and neither one quite works.  Probably just simple
> math errors regarding finding the pixmap in offscreen memory.  I can
> probably do the Composite hook on T2R and T2R4 cards as well.  I'm not sure
> how or if the upload and download hooks will work yet, they might require a
> DRM driver first.
> Also some drive-by cleanups, mostly adding the words static and const in
> useful places.
> If you don't mind that it renders almost totally wrong, it's impressively
> fast under xcompmgr for being such an old card.

New version attached.  Offscreen pixmaps should actually work now.

I'm pretty convinced now that upload/download (and Xv accel, for that matter) 
will require a DRM, so I'm not going to worry about implementing them by the 
time I check this in.  I'm still seeing some corruption on Copy ops where I 
get blue or yellow trails, think I'm just off by one on setting width or 
height or whatever.  The XAA code experienced this too sometimes so I'm not 
really considering it a regression, but I still want it fixed.

Composite is being difficult, and slightly hard to debug since all the blends 
go offscreen first.  I'll probably try reimplementing Solid through the 3d 
engine to figure out how setup should really work.

DGA is disabled when EXA is enabled, because I'm a spiteful bastard and DGA is 

- ajax
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