Official method for determining modular X module path?

Aric Cyr Aric.Cyr at
Thu Dec 1 22:31:44 PST 2005

Daniel Stone <daniel <at>> writes:

> > This is the sort of info that should be (at least) in the wiki,
> > if it's not already.  I couldn't find any relevant docs on the issue
> > from a quick search (other than a #define in a header file that obviously
> > defined the default module path as /usr/lib/xorg/modules).
> I don't think a header file would be generally useful: this would seem
> to be exactly the sort of thing that pkg-config was designed for.

Ah not quite what I meant.  I meant the only documentation I could find
about the path was a reference in a header file.  I agree that a header
file doesn't constitute "good documentation," which is why I was asking
if there is any real documentation on the subject... but I guess not.

This might be worth a mention on the ModularizationProposal wiki page or
whatever might be more appropriate.


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