X doesn't fill the whole screen

David Nusinow david_nusinow at verizon.net
Mon Dec 19 08:43:48 PST 2005

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 05:44:12PM -0200, Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragao wrote:
> I've been living with 800x600 for almost a year, and a partial-screen 1024x768 
> for only one day, thanks to you. Strangely, Knoppix auto-detection scripts 
> created the correct modelines, but Debian didn't. Would it be the case of 
> filing a bug against the X server package in Debian ?

If you can supply the correct modeline in such a bug report, I'd very much
appreciate it. The server config script is going largely untouched right
now, but any little help it can get to keep it alive would be very helpful.

 - David Nusinow

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