X doesn't fill the whole screen

Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragao marcelpaulo+l at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 10:28:43 PST 2005

David Nusinow wrote on Dec, 19:
> > > This is a known issue, and the
> > > debian-installer works around it if you install the desktop task, but I
> > > don't plan to fix it until well after etch ships.

> > Why isn't xserver-xorg configured to depend on read-edid ?

> Because it's simply not a requirement for the package. It's part of the
> recommends for the package (which aptitude or a similiar apt frontend
> should handle properly) because the server can run just fine without it. I
> have a lot of sympathy for the desire to have it as a dependency, but we
> need to follow Debian policy and use the package dependency fields for what
> they really are. Plenty of people would be very unhappy with extra unneeded
> packages being installed on their system. 

> The real solution will be to make the server package not use any outside
> programs for configuration, but that's only on my TODO list for after we
> ship the modular packages.

Point taken. I suppose then than X packages will be factored so that 
configuration sits in a separate package, like exim4 does, right ?


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