Xorg 7: The new world order

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Wed Dec 21 16:38:50 PST 2005

First, thanks all for your help in getting 6.9 and 7.0 out.  That was a 
tremendous effort, and I appreciate all the work that you guys put into it.

The modular tree is open for commits.  The server has a stable branch: 
server-1_0-branch.  Please only commit bug fixes to this branch, and only 
after they've been applied to HEAD.  These are the usual stable branch rules, 
so this shouldn't be too surprising to anyone.  If there's any question about 
the suitability of a fix for the stable branch, don't do it.

None of the other modules have stable branches yet.  Please create them as you 
feel it's appropriate.  If there's any question about appropriateness, bring 
it up here first.  For consistency, please name the branches 
modulename-X_Y-branch (lowercased, reserving uppercase for non-branch tags).  
Please remember to use version numbers as shown in configure.ac and not just 
7.0.  Note that CVS does allow us to branch from arbitrary points in time, so 
we can create stable branches from the XORG-7_0 tag point at any time if we 
need to.

#5041 is the release tracker for 7.1.  #5387 should be used for nominating 
things to stable branches if there's any dispute.  Don't stay out past 
midnight, look both ways before crossing the street, etc.


I will repeat this, because it bears repeating.


You all already know that 6.8 is bugfix-only.  The same applies to 6.9 now, 
with the caveat that 6.9 hasn't been explicitly branched.  No changes are to 
be applied to xc, at all, until a release manager for that branch steps up.  
There will be no 6.10, do not commit any new development to 6.9.

Proposed 7.1 schedule:

Branch nomination for 7.1: March 17, 2006
Branch selection for 7.1: March 31, 2006
7.1RC1: April 7, 2006
7.1RC2: April 28, 2006
7.1RC3: May 12, 2006
7.1 Release: May 19, 2006

That's five months.  We should have much less integration testing needed this 
time around.  The 'nomination' and 'selection' phases are for selecting which 
branch of each module to include in the 7.1 rollup.  This may mean creating 
branches to stabilize various modules after a development phase; that's fine.  
Feedback on this schedule would be appreciated.

- ajax
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