Multiseat with different number of screens at seats

Christian Aistleitner tmgisi at
Tue Dec 27 07:25:22 PST 2005


I recently just updated to xorg 7.0.0 – basically to take advantage of the  
multiseat thingy. Just for the record, I use -novtswitch ande -sharevts to  
enable multiseat. My system is running 1 nvidia card, 2 Matrox cards, and  
an S3 card. The nvidia card bears a normal VGA connector and also a TV-out.
The described problem occur when using the nv driver (of course, then  
tv-out is missing) and it also occurs when using the nvidia driver.
I do not use Xinerame at all.

Before migrating to a multiseat setup, I created a setup with 5 screens,  
three mice and two keyboards. Everything is working fine in this setup. I  
can move the cursor from one screen to another, open widows on all  
screens, use all keyboards and mice, etc. As I use this setup for my  
everyday work and it never crashes, I consider this setup to be stable.

When separating one screen, one mouse and one keyboard to seat1 (Leaving  
the rest as seat0), x starts correctly.
I have seat0 with 4 screens, two mice, and one keyboard.
I have seat1 with one screens, one mouse, and one keyboard.

seat1 works without problems.
The primary screen of seat0 (i.e.: :0.0) works without any problems.
However, moving the mouse to any screen of seat0 that is not the primary  
screen (i.e.: :0.1, :0.2, :0.3), freezes seat0.
Similarly, opening windows (via a terminal on seat1 or on the primary  
screen of seat0) on any screen that is not the primary screen, freezes  

I tried different setups of the screens (eg only 2 screens for seat0 and  
one screen for seat1, or 2 screens for seat0 and 2 screens for seat1), but  
again, I cannot use screens that are not primary screens in a multiseat  
setup. Note, that all the setups I tried work properly when using a single  
seat setup.

To me it seems that using multiseat restricts to using only one screen per  
Has anybody used multiseat with more than one screen per seat in a  
multiseat setup?

Kind regards,

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