patch for transset (select window by pointing)

Daniel Forchheimer n04df at
Fri Jan 14 11:30:44 PST 2005


I wanted to be able to bind a keybutton to toggle transparency on the 
'active'-window. The closest I could get was to hack transset not to 
wait for a mouse-click when selecting a window. I added this as a flag 
(--point, select by pointing) and later I also added flags to toggle, 
increasing/decreasing the opacity and to set a limits for maximum and 
minimum. This I imagine might be usefull if bound to the scrollwheel.

Since the changes turned out to be quite a few I've simply put the 
entire program up online instead of creating a patch. Notice that 
changes have been made both in transSet.c and in dsimple.c. What I'm 
hoping for is that parts of this or the entire program can make it into 
the offical transset.

Get it from:

/Daniel Forchheimer

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