Dual Head PiP ?

Douglas McMorris dougmc83 at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Mar 4 12:06:11 PST 2005

Depending on what your doing with the video, this would probably be too
big of a performance hit, but if your not using xv to scale, you can run
a vnc server like vino or something on the secondary x server and get
native resolution back from that,  not sure if that would throw in too
much latency or not though (audio and video could end up out of sync on
primary) if you do try this, i would suggest using vino and xorg
together b/c it uses the damage extension instead of polling the
screen... big decrease in proc usage which for you is probably

oops... forgot to cc lists, sry

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 09:05 -0800, Kivanc KARANIS wrote:
> Hope this is not the wrong list.
> What I`m trying to do is, I`m using dualhead nvidia
> and  without caring xinerama, seperate xscreens or
> twinview, I have two different displays on seperate
> physical locations (when you are infront of one, you
> cant see the other). And  what I`m trying to do is,
> I want to see what is playing in the other display :1
> from display :0 in a  picture-in-picture manner. The
> bad news is, the other display :1 is displaying
> fullscreen videofiles, that`s why I couldn`t succeed
> with xwud style solution.
> Any ideas ?
> Thanks a lot anyway.
> Kivanc KARANIS
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