Conditional building of Xpm (and possibly others?)

Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Mar 16 15:01:34 PST 2005

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 10:28:39PM +0100, Roland Mainz wrote:
> Kean Johnston wrote:
> > Would anyone object to me conditionalizing the building of Xpm?
> The first question would be "why ?" as Xorg is currenntly the "upstream"
> source for libXpm ...

Because not everyone always wants to build everything.

We are the upstream source for Xrender/Xcomposite also, but not everyone
wants to always build that.

> > but the broader question remains: why are those
> > libraries all clumped under one conditional and not under individual
> > conditionals like so many of the others?
> Because the dependicies between all the libraries are not trivial to
> describe and maintaining a more complex configuration doesn't make sense
> as Xorg is the "upstream" for most of these libraries (and all libraries
> for which Xorg isn't the "upstream" already have their switches to turn
> the building on/off).

Every library should be able to switched on/off.  Even libX11.
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