[PATCH] new EXA hooks and radeon update

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sat Sep 3 18:28:30 PDT 2005

Ok, here are updated versions. I'm posting URLs instead of actual
patches as they are a bit big for the list.

* EXA patch: I added an accessor for the pixmap "size" field.


I now propose that one for commit, though I'm not sure if I should also
do some versioning in there, so I'll let the powers that be deal with

* radeon patch: surfaces are now working for the swappers with & without
DRI, tiling now works, added proper symbol list for exa. MMIO composite
still doesn't work but doesn't crash the engine anymore (just no
output). Somebody knowledgable with the radeon 3D engine is welcome to
help fix that.


Still need a bit of work on Xv, DGA, DRI (we lost page flipping), ... 

Note: I'm still looking for somebody with understanding of r300 3D
engine to volunteer an r300 composite accel hook :)


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