Using XComposite to get OsX-type-candy

Anders Storsveen wakko at
Wed Sep 7 04:03:28 PDT 2005

I've been playing a bit around with Kompose and it's XComposite
extension, but it wasn't anything like the OsX implementation of it. It
seems that Kompose just reads from the Composite to take a screenshot of
the program off-screen. In OsX's Expose it seems to implement everything
on top of the Compositer.

I made a post about it here:

also is there any projects to mimic the architecture of Quartz 2D
Extreme (very nice info here: ) ?

and lastly a question about video overlay, if you drag a window with
video around in X, the video lags behind and is "jumping" after, while
exposing a blue background where it is supposed to be, I actually think
this is the same as in XP. In OSX however it doesnt, it draws perfectly
in the moving window. I have a suspicion this is also because of they're
compositer. With today's gfx cards this seems to be a far superiour
method to draw things to screen, also I think OsX's software drawing is
very good too.

Hope someone with some insight could give me some answers ;)

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