Peter J. Bismuti peter.j.bismuti at
Wed Sep 7 13:38:55 PDT 2005

Thanks, I realize now that a TrueColor visual will suffice, rendering my 
previous question moot.  

> Peter J. Bismuti wrote:
> > Day 2, running into problems creating a window using XCreateWindow.  It
> > is failing and I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause.  I'm setting
> > _Xdebug = 1 in the debugger and printing the stack tracke within _XError,
> > but it does give consistent results.  Sometimes it crashes within
> > XCreateWindow, other times it crashes within XAllocColorCells.   It is
> > said that debuggers are unreliable, how can I be certain where the
> > problem is?  Is the X protocol error message always correct?
> The error message is just a textual representation of the response
> which the X server sends back. It doesn't depend upon the client's
> execution context.
> > It says that it is a "BadMatch", an error the
> > docs say cannot occur in XAllocColorCells.
> The error message which you posted refers to XCreateWindow, not
> XAllocColorCells.
> > Once I'm certain that it the
> > problem is in XCreateWindow, what next? Trial-and-error doesn't seem to
> > be working.  Any help would be appreciated.
> What arguments are you passing to XCreateWindow? Do the visual and
> depth match one of the supported combinations as reported by xdpyinfo?

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