xorg-x11-6.9rc0+cvs rpm packages

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Fri Sep 9 16:24:39 PDT 2005

Well, that's handy.

I had been looking to do something similar...  But I'm not an RPM guru.

I'd like to pull down the X sources, DRM, and Mesa trees, apply a
certain set of patches (mostly the NeedToLinkMesaSrc fix that hasn't
yet made its way into CVS, support for some PCI-ids that aren't
yet in, and a canned host.def file)... and build a server (and
relevant modules) only.

The applications, fonts, and docs don't need to be packaged... just the
server, drivers, and extensions/modules.

Anyone have an RPM that I can use as a starting point for this?

And without intending to start a religious war, I'll ask a naive (but
possibly charged question)...  Why not have xc/extras/rpm/ with a
bunch of RPM .spec files included in the release?


Sergio Monteiro Basto wrote:

>Well, after some builds, I decide to show my humbled work to community 
>I had work on clean up xorg-x11.spec, hope that can be useful (for
>RedHat included).
>http://sergiomb.no-ip.org/xorg/ have a little How to build rpm packages
>with latest sources from Xorg for Fedora Core 3.
>any feed-back is wellcome
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