modular build issues (savage and xkb)

Georgi Hristov georgi at
Sat Sep 10 06:00:11 PDT 2005


>The first time I did this, sudo timed out and asked for a password
>again. But I had redirected output to a file, so I just thought it had
>finished. Make sure that your build actually completed and that you have
>all the drivers in /opt/x11/lib/xorg/modules/... You should also
>add /opt/x11/lib to /etc/ and run ldconfig after installing
I didn't redirect the output, so the build regularly asked for my 
password and this can't be the problem. I also have the savage driver in 
the correct location, /opt/x11/lib is in, and /opt/x11/bin is 
the first in my $PATH variable.

>Which X version are you upgrading from? If it's Xorg 6.8 or older (or
>any XFree86 version) it may be 3D back and depth buffers hogging memory
>that used to be available for XVideo. It would help to see a log file.
I'm sending the Xorg.0.log file, tell me if anything else could be useful.
I did "upgrade" from, but it was in /usr/X11R6 and I have 
ranamed this directory so I don't believe anything from it is in the way.

And to the point about VT switching - I've built cvs version from 7.Sep, 
so the patch in libX11 must be there already, and yet it doesn't work 
for me.
Neither is the xkb switching.

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