Regression: radeon x600 text console font not restored

Felix Kühling fxkuehl at
Mon Sep 12 07:51:11 PDT 2005

Am Montag, den 12.09.2005, 10:26 -0400 schrieb Alex Deucher:
> On 9/12/05, Felix Kühling <fxkuehl at> wrote:
> > I am pretty sure, the culprit is the WITH_VGAHW change from Aug 26. The
> > modular build doesn't define that macro yet, so the VGA font restore is
> > disabled at compile time. Since the vgahw module seems to be compiled
> > unconditionally in the modular build, it's probably safe to define
> > WITH_VGAHW unconditionally. I'm just not sure where would be the best
> > place. I've added -DWITH_VGAHW to AM_CFLAGS
> > in .../xf86-video-ati/src/ and that fixes the problem for me.
> > 
> I just installed the monolith from cvs on my PC and text restoration
> is flakey now as well for me (vga console).

Did you regenerate the Makefiles? Make sure that radeon_driver.c is
compiled with with -DWITH_VGAHW on the gcc command line. Does the
Xorg.0.log contain any messages about loading the vgahw module?

> Alex


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