Mesa 6.3.1 merge

Joe Krahn krahn at
Mon Sep 12 08:04:04 PDT 2005

Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Brian Paul wrote:
>  >> Freeglut is pretty broken.  I'd prefer not to lose glut from the
>  >> standard mesa builds.
>  >
>  >
>  > Like Keith said, freeglut isn't quite up to the level that the original
>  > GLUT is, so I'm not going to dump it just yet.
> That's fair enough.  We've been shipping freeglut for several OS
> releases now, and I think I've only gotten 1 or two bug reports.
> That isn't indicative of its reliabiltiy/stability though.  People
> could be filing reports upstream instead of in our bugzilla (which
> is much preferred anyway), or they could just silently be downloading
> GLUT and replacing our supplied freeglut with it perhaps. ;)

The primary deficiencies of FreeGLUT that I know of are feature related, 
not bugs. One thing that FreeGLUT is missing is the ability to use 
custom fonts. With GLUT, you can pass a pointer to a custom font built 
with capturexfont. However, this was never supported in Win32 GLUT. 
FreeGLUT is also missing support for the 'advanced' input devices.

So, there are some real differences, but I think that they should affect 
very few users. As for actual bugs, I think FreeGLUT has become fairly 
solid, even though the source code is not as clean.

Joe Krahn

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