xkb building problem in the modular tree

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Mon Sep 12 13:04:54 PDT 2005

Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes wrote:
>> I saw that XkbBinDirectory is declared in xkbInit.c an initialized with
>> XKB_BIN_DIRECTORY. The XkbBinDirectory in ddxLoad.c:246 annd
>> ddxLoad.c:345 must be substituted by XKB_BIN_DIRECTORY?
> You need to upgrade your proto/KB. krh helped me with the same answer a 
> couple of days ago.

I did look into fixing this without requiring an proto/KB update.  The 
problem is that XKBsrv.h is included in the proto module and installed 
under /usr/include/X11/extenstions/XKBsrv.h, when it is actually a 
server internal header file.  It should be moved to xserver/xorg/include 
and not installed, but that would break the monolithic build, so I'd 
rather wait for 7.1 for this.


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