Xv, radeon-exa-16.diff and some observations

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn d.jacobfeuerborn at conversis.de
Mon Sep 12 15:53:32 PDT 2005

Alex Deucher wrote:
> On 9/12/05, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <d.jacobfeuerborn at conversis.de> wrote:
>> I have tested the Xorg tree from last night right after the radeon EXA
>> patch went in and things are working ok so far on my 9500pro card.
>> The EXA enabled driver version seems to be slower though than the one in
>> 6.8.2. What is the best way to benchmark this? Scrolling in Firefox for
>> example is visibly slower and more "jerky" than in the 6.8.2 release which
>> surprised me a bit (The logfile says that the driver is "Using EXA
>> acceleration architecture").
> try running with EXA with xcompmgr -a
> Should make everything much smother.

I tried that but while this makes things look smoother scrolling in Firefox 
is still slower. When using the radeon driver in 6.8.2 I can open let's say 
"www.linuxtoday.com" drag the scrollbar up and down wildly and the display 
updates almost instantaneously. Using the EXA enabled XOrg version the 
display is updated with a very noticable delay with or without xcompmgr -a.


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