xorg 6.8.2 won't compile

David Charles Todd dtodd at irobot.com
Thu Sep 15 14:35:59 PDT 2005

Felix Kühling wrote:

>The problem is the custom host.def file you're using. It won't build all
>of Xorg but rely on stuff that is installed on your system. If you want
>to use this host.def instead of a default build you need to install the
>appropriate X development packages for your distro.
>  Felix

Okay, this make sense. Is there a sample host.def that allows one to 
buil just the server, without relying on external things?

My goal here is really simple: I want OpenGL acceleration to work on my 
Mach64 equipped laptop (Rage Mobility). That's it.

My distribution is that which ships with SuSE 9.3 X.org 6.8.2. It's hard 
to tell from the instrauctions just what I really need.

But it seems like there are pitfalls at every turn. For instance, the 
DRI build page says to do


 to start the build of libdrm. However, it fails because there is no 
aclocal file in the directory.

I ran "cvs update" to be sure, but nothing showed up. How can this work 
for anyone?

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