keycodes all off by one with GTK and $DISPLAY pointing to an R5 server

Kean Johnston kean at
Fri Sep 16 21:57:28 PDT 2005

> Gtk should use XLookupString to convert the keycode to
> keysym, because the mappings can vary between servers.
> Looks like gtk needs fixing. I don't use gtk any more.
I'm sure Owen can shed some light on this.

Whats *really* odd is that Shift-q yields 'Q', as it
should. Ctrl-q yields Ctrl-Shift-Tab, but Ctrl-Shift-q
yields Ctrl-Q (in gvim that is).

So it seems like the Shift state makes the problem
go away, and without the shift key down, 'q' and 'Tab'
have their keycodes borked. Why its only those two
keys is a complete and utter mystery to me.


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