Savage Exa Screen Error

Caleb O'Connell irishblood55 at
Sat Sep 17 09:21:57 PDT 2005

I have a ProSavage kn133 with 16 Meg shared Memory on an HP pavilion 1230
laptop.  I'm not sure what the LCD is so I use Generic 1024x768.  To get to
the point, I've built xorg rpms for fedora core 4.  I have DRI
enabled and that works great.  I applied the savage-exa.diff patch to the
savage drivers and included the correct savage_exa.c and savage_xaa.c. 
That has built and installed fine, but when I use the Option "AccelMethod"
"exa" the screen comes up with the cursor, freezes it in place, and in the
top left corner there is a small pixel box that seems to be the whole
screen pushed up there.  So it looks like there is a screen printing
problem.  There are no error in the Xorg.0.log file, in fact it gives me a
successful loading of exa and all other options.  My question is if I
should be using an actual driver for my LCD which is giving the error, or
if exa for savage just isn't all ready.  Thanks ahead of time.

Caleb O'Connell
irishblood55 at

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