Luca Ognibene luogni at tin.it
Sun Sep 18 01:22:49 PDT 2005

Hi, i have a problem in gstreamer with this function.
It seems to return image smaller than what i have requested. Is it
possible? (i can't find api docs anywhere..)

I call it with width/height of 2424x2600 and it returns an image of size
1572864. It's a I420 image so the correct size should be 9453600 (if i'm
not wrong...). It fails also with smaller images (like 1200x1200). I've
also tried to encode these files and then playing them with xine or
mplayer but they both segfaults.

Some info on my setup:
x.org version 6.8.2-67 from Ubuntu Breezy
Voodoo 3 3000 video card with the tdfx driver
Resolution: 1024x768 16bpp

btw, thanks for your great work on xorg!


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