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Sun Sep 18 05:23:50 PDT 2005

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Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> Eric Anholt wrote:
>>>On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 13:02 -0700, Eric Anholt wrote:
>>>>CVSROOT:	/cvs/xorg
>>>>Module name:	xc
>>>>Changes by:	anholt at	05/09/17 13:02:02
>>>>Log message:
>>>> - Don't try to upload 0 byte-per-pixel (PICT_a1) data using
>>>>   RADEONHostDataBlit.
>>>> - Disable the shortcut for switching from 3d to 3d in radeon_exa.c.  It
>>>>   appears that we do need the cache flush here, thought it's not clear
>>>>   why.  Disable the 2d to 2d shortcut while here, since I'm unsure of
>>>>   what we're doing.  Exposed by the following bit:
>>>> - Bug #4485: Add a new routine, exaGlyphs, to handle font drawing.
>>>>   Glyphs were being accumulated in from non-migratable scratch pixmaps,
>>>>   causing the destination pixmap to move towards screen but the
>>>>   migration necessary for source never to happen, leading to abysmal
>>>>   performance.  Instead, copy the scratch glyph data into a real pixmap
>>>>   first, then composite from that into the destination, allowing for
>>>>   migration.  time ls -lR from programs/Xserver showed 26.9% (+/- 6.3%)
>>>>   decrease in wall time (n=3).
>>>> - Create exaDrawableUse* wrapping exaPixmapUse*, but which are aware of
>>>>   windows needing backing store.  Makes migration code prettier, and
>>>>   ensures that composited windows will be migrated as normal when we
>>>>   turn off cw for EXA. (issue brought up by keithp)
>>>We had a discussion on IRC about the cost of item 2, disabling the
>>>shortcut for "switching" from 2d to 2d or 3d to 3d.  I decided to test
>>>this, using the same ls -lR, against the theoretical best of never
>>>having to do the syncing (stick a break at the top of
>>>RADEON_SWITCH_TO_*).  It was clear that fonts were broken when I made
>>>this change.  At n=7, a=.05, caches hot, there was no statistically
>>>significant difference.  In this case, I'm quite happy with the code as
>>>it is and feel no need to try to squeeze hypothetical performance out by
>>>being stingier with the flushes :)
> Whatever you did, these changes (glyph stuff supposedly) make scrolling
> non-AA text (which I use for console and text editor) on sis hardware
> visibly slower. Scrolling though a text file in the editor (kwrite, in
> my case) using the scroll bar or the mouse wheel lags *quite* a bit. No
> good...
> Thomas

"time cat init301.c init301.c init301.c init301.c" in the console
(konsole) went from 1.3 to 1.5 seconds averagely.


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