keycodes all off by one with GTK and $DISPLAY pointing to an R5 server

Kean Johnston kean at
Sun Sep 18 12:33:38 PDT 2005

> I think the real fix is for the rest of the key handling code to work
> with any keysyms_per_keycode setting.
> The fix might be as simple as fixing KEYSYM_INDEX.
> According to §12.7 of the ICCCM:
> 	If the list (ignoring trailing NoSymbol entries) is a triple
> 	of KeySyms ``K1 K2 K3'', then the list is treated as if it
> 	were the list ``K1 K2 K3 NoSymbol''.
> The get_symbol() function seems to have the correct logic:
>   index = KEYSYM_INDEX(keymap_x11, group, level);
>   if (index > keymap_x11->keysyms_per_keycode)
>       return NoSymbol;
> I suspect that the overflow test should be moved into KEYSYM_INDEX
> itself.

The attached patch does what you suggest, and I have proven
fixes this bug. Good call. By the way, there is actually a
bug in get_symbol too. The test should be >=, not >, because
its a zero-based index. The patch below refelcts this.

Thanky ou and Owen and everyone else for their help with
this. I greatly appreciate it.

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