Radeon EXA feedback

Francesco Biscani biscani at pd.astro.it
Mon Sep 19 01:05:43 PDT 2005


sorry for the slow reply.

On Sunday 11 September 2005 14:18, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
> Any chance you could share your compiled driver for the lazy ppl? :)

Do you mean it would be enough to upload somewhere the radeon.o file? I did 
not know it was _that_ easy :) Anyway, EXA support for the radeon driver hit 
CVS, so I guess you can find some precompiled binaries around (I saw some 
RPMs on the list too).



Dr. Francesco Biscani
Dipartimento di Astronomia
Università di Padova
biscani at pd.astro.it

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