State of Linux graphics

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Mon Sep 19 16:15:45 PDT 2005

В сообщении от Tuesday 30 August 2005 19:03 Jon Smirl написал(a):
> I've written an article that surveys the current State of Linux
> graphics and proposes a possible path forward. This is a long article
> containing a lot of detailed technical information as a guide to
> future developers. Skip over the detailed parts if they aren't
> relevant to your area of work.

Nice article.

The main pain is closeness of the specs of the modern videocards, IMHO. It's 
like killing the future of linux and similar OSes. I have to use videocard on 
a very old chip (Matrox G550), just because anything newer doesn't have open 
full-blown sourced drivers (and G550 driver isn't fullblown, but at least 
there's some room for improvement which is possible, I mean mergedfb 

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