State of Linux graphics

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Mon Sep 19 20:06:25 PDT 2005

Anders Storsveen wrote:
> Daniil V. Kolpakov wrote:
>>В сообщении от Tuesday 30 August 2005 19:03 Jon Smirl написал(a):
>>>I've written an article that surveys the current State of Linux
>>>graphics and proposes a possible path forward. This is a long article
>>>containing a lot of detailed technical information as a guide to
>>>future developers. Skip over the detailed parts if they aren't
>>>relevant to your area of work.
>>Nice article.
>>The main pain is closeness of the specs of the modern videocards, IMHO. It's 
>>like killing the future of linux and similar OSes. I have to use videocard on 
>>a very old chip (Matrox G550), just because anything newer doesn't have open 
>>full-blown sourced drivers (and G550 driver isn't fullblown, but at least 
>>there's some room for improvement which is possible, I mean mergedfb 
> but closed source-drivers doesn't hinder anyone in making a new
> fantastic opengl-architecture. mesa exists for software opengl, if
> companies see they need to deliver opengl they might just do that. Today
> nvidia sees little profit in making opengl for the casual linux
> gamer.... however the little opengl support they've given is because of 
> big CAD users. if opengl suddenly will make or break the desktop
> experience, they'll fix it.

If a fully open-source video card takes off, maybe it will force them.

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