radeon and EXA

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn d.jacobfeuerborn at conversis.de
Wed Sep 21 11:33:29 PDT 2005

>> What is radeon_drv? I'm testing EXA on my 9500pro as well but so far it is 
>> slower in every respect compared to Xorg 6.8.2. Do I need anything else 
>> besides the (very current) Xorg cvs to make this work?
> There is no render accel for EXA on the r300 and later. What chipset is
> the 9500 Pro ? Without render accel, EXA is indeed pretty pointless.

Ah, I read in the cvs changelog that r300 has no render support (yet) but I 
was under the impression that EXA would still accelerate things at least a 
little bit. It just seemed odd to me that things would actually get slower 
rather than faster.


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