[Lists-linux-kernel-news] kernel 2.6.13, USB keyboard and X.org

Piter Punk piterpk at terra.com.br
Wed Sep 21 10:00:18 PDT 2005


	i am using 2.6.13 in some machines. One of them has a USB keyboard.
My first problem: the keyboard simply doesn't works. I put "usb-handoff" in
prompt and all goes OK.

	But, when i start X i got a second problem, is impossible to type
only one letter, one touch in a key makes a lot of letters, like that:




	The problem don't happens in kernel 2.4.31 (2.4.31 recognizes
the keyboard without usb-handoff, and works great in X).

	Using 2.6.13, i try to configure X and change the "Autorepeat"
option. The default is to wait 500ms before start to repeat. I think
something is wrong and configure to wait 5000ms (5s) before start to
repeat the letters. In X nothing happens, i continue to type:

	But, when i stop the X, the console keyboard got really
slow and start to repeat one letter only after i press the key by
five seconds. Following my X configuration.

	I don't know if the bug is in kernel 2.6.13 or in X, because
that i am sending the report to both lists. In kernel 2.4.31 the X
works OK and, in 2.6.13 the console works OK, problem only in X.

	If you want more information, let me know.

								Piter PUNK
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